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    Upon registration, it is deemed that you have read, understood and accepted the Trading Pit Guidelines.

    SWX Trading Pit user guidelines ::: updated 28 February 2013 ::

    Thanks for using SWX Trading Pits. In the interest of SWX community, we have set some simple guidelines to ensure that the Pits function orderly.

    1) The SWX Trading Pits provided at no charge for all registered users. To register, please proceed to the home page top right hand corner;

    2) There are 3 trading pits at SWX, ;
    a) SWX Singapore Trading Pit for private sellers with watches located in SINGAPORE (SGD$)
    b) SWX Singapore Commercial Trading Pit for commercial sellers in SINGAPORE (SGD$), address and URL’s permitted
    b) SWX International Trading Pit for private & commercial sellers with watches located outside SINGAPORE. Address & URL permitted

    3) The 3 Trading Pits are solely meant for the listing of watches and related accessories.

    4) All post on the Trading Pits must indicate their intent
    a) WTB (want to buy)
    b) WTS (want to sell) or FS (for sale)
    c) FSOT (for sale or trade)

    5) All WTS/FS/FSOT post or the likes must indicate a price. in the case of FSOT post, you may indicate 2 prices, one for selling and one for trade or simply indicate that the trading price will differ

    6) If you are using any of the SWX Trading Pits to sell pre-own watches, an estimated indication of condition in percentage (1-99% with 99% being the best thing after new) is required

    7) SWX does not limit the number of post a registered user may submit in all 3 Trading Pits.

    8) All watches posted at SWX must be genuine. no fakes or homages allowed in any form or shape. The defination of homages is established by the team here @ SWX which is not open to discussion anywhere here @ SWX

    9) All post at SWX Trading Pits should not contain links to auctions or other trading forums directly or indirectly as SWX Trading Pit already serves that purpose as a trading platform.

    10) If you act on behalf of someone else on a sale at the Pits, you automatically assume the responsibilities for that sale. Ignorance does not discharge you of such liabilities here or under the law.

    11) The act of pushing up a post with words like bumps, bumpz, bumpz x 100, up, ups, upz, bring up my post, up for awareness, pump, pump it up, update, etc is, well, banned here. It gives the Trading Pits an image we prefer not to be associated with. We’re truly sorry if this rule does not go down well with your coffee but its really for the best. We recommend posting; Still available.

    12) Posting any thing else but watches and watch accessories here like for example; including but not limited to handphones (new or used), soiled panties (with or without user pictures or videos) or left over breakfast are not welcomed here.

    13) All post that has fail to meet the conditions set out above will be deleted.

    14) The administrators reserve the right to update these guidelines as and when the need arises to ensure the Pits function smoothly

    Repeated violations will result in permanent lost of posting priviledges and SWX does not entertain any appeals.

    Best of luck to your sales or your search


    updated 20 December 2013
    The answer to all your questions are in the forum guidelines

    SWX is a homage free forum

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    Noted with thanks


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      Noted and understood. thanks


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        Noted with thanks ^^
        Mobile: 8588 1778
        Meet-up Point: Serangoon MRT station (upon appointment / reservation)
        Selling Brand-New Watch Winders (Viewing before purchase)
        - Single Motor Watch Winde at $92(2+0 winder) / $128(2+3 winder)
        - Dual Motor Watch Winder at $169(4+0 winder) / $229(4+6 winder)
        - High quality watch winders with Choice of 5 memory channels:
        - Rotation selection: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise or alternating
        - 2 x AA size battery or AC both adopted


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          Noted the rules. Thanks for the effort of Admin. cheers!


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            Noted and very clear.


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              Noted on the rules. Thank you for the reminder notice.


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                welcome to the forum, cheerios


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                  Originally posted by kickers68 View Post
                  welcome to the forum, cheerios
                  Wwlcome to SWX!
                  The answer to all your questions are in the forum guidelines

                  SWX is a homage free forum


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                    Well noted!!!


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                      Good control in place!


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                        well noted with thanks


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                          Well noted!!!


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                            good rules that make an excellent forum! thanks swx!


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                              Noted with thanks