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  • Horrible service

    Horrible service from Sincere Watches.

    A friend sent in his Franck Muller watch to Sincere for repair in February 2016. Till date, watch is still NOT ready. After chasing after them several times, they reverted saying it'll only be ready after Summer in Europe which means another 3 months of watch. In total almost 9 freaking MONTHS to replace the sapphire face class and hour hand. On yes, now onto the topic of QUALITY. Paid tens of thousands for a watch and yet it cannot withstand a drop! I've dropped my Rolex several times, in fact COUNTLESS times and I DO NOT see the glass falling out. Totally amused, shocked, don't what other words can be used to described. Frank Muller and Sincere watch, wake up ok. Quality sucks no choice bo bian la, but at least pull up your socks on your service can or not? Totally CANNOT MAKE IT.

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    hi , snowam sorry to heards that take more that 3 moths in few years i did serving mine franck muller casablanca men size they charge $ 650 .take about 1 months . they told me the inside 1 small screw is fake . I brush them up . after that then they replace a new original screw for me. now i stop buy franck muller. just take it easy wait for the watches come back .


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      Sorry to hear about your friends experience Snowman.

      thought i should chime in on the discussion. Franck Mueller is not a mass luxury brand in the purest definition of the term. They offer an extremely large variety of timepieces over the decades and i would not be surprised if circumstances may require them to procure parts to fulfil their support obligation such as in your friends case. On the topic of dropping timepieces. Unfortunately, regardless how much you pay for your timepieces, it is not an indication of their ability to survive abuse or in your friends case, carelessness. I have dropped several watches, some with horrific outcome that cost me thousand$ to fix, i wished i could blame someone else, but i only had myself to blame. Hope everything works out well soon.
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