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  • Book Review - "The Watch" by Gene Stone

    A very colourful 254-page book, depicting brands from A to Z. The cover of the book shows a 1950s pink gold Vacheron & Constantin mechanical chronograph that belongs to Paul H.Boutros, a collector who is quite well known on Apart from the interesting selection of watches, the book has a short section sharing comments on watch-collecting by big names such as Thomas Mao and Jeffrey Kingston. I have also attached a page from the book which was published in 2006.

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    I have a copy of Gene Stone's marvellous treatise on horology too, and I'll vouch that it's a good read for watch lovers. His interesting use of an analogy of the royal court to describe the various brands, with Patek Philippe as King and Rolex as the Knight, was simply spot-on.


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      That book was published in 2006 and i guess that book is not seen available at the moment so just a question is that book available in e book because i can't find it on any of the online stores so if you could help me out here i'd much appreciate it..
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