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  • Sourcing for a vintage Omega seamaster or deville.


    Im actually in the process of sourcing for a place where i can pickup a vintage Omega seamaster or deville just to have a first taste of owning a vintage piece. I understand that these pieces will be quite costly to restore/repair/service so i intend to find one that works pretty well and is wearable still, but after it dies in a few years i intend to just keep as memorabilia until further ado. (They are very pretty pieces)

    Any suggestions? Im not looking to spend above 500. Any other comments or feedback like where a good service area is or what i should look out for are also welcome. Much appreciated guys thanks!


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    Hi leonard, it's great that you're exploring vintage Omegas.

    1. It may not be easy to find one <SGD500, although there are some on eBay & off the internet. If you do buy off eBay/internet, beware of fakes.

    2. Vintage watches can be quite delicate, so they may not be suitable for daily wear. You may not get that much mileage out of your watch as you might think over a period of 2-3y. For example, I wear my vintage Omega (from 1936) only 3-4x/mth.

    3. For a watch <$500, often they have not been recently serviced. If not serviced, the watch may give problems within 1y esp if used often. Look for a seller who has serviced it within the last 6 mths preferably

    4. Also, be careful of watches that have been 'redialed' , 'refinished' or are 'frankenwatches' (
    Redialed / refinished watches have the dial redone. This can be subtly done and done well, or totally redone in weird colors or done badly. The bad ones may be cheaper, but look shoddy - it'll bug you after a while! Frankenwatches , well , stay away from them.

    Hope this helps!