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  • Basel World 2013 - Breitling Emergency II

    Lost & Found

    If you have a tendency of ending up lost and in places nowhere near an MRT station, hawker centres or cellular network, hell this is what you need! Built and designed for aerospace professional and enthusiast, the upraded and juiced up Breitling Emergency II is a dual frequency Personal Locator Beacon for sending distress signals from your source location no matter where that may be. The Breitling Emergency II now comes a Superquartz and rechargeable batteries housed in a new case spotting its original DNA with new strong masculine lines and remains the ONLY watch that will be replaced for free after it saves your life. Its also the ONLY watch that requires you to sign an undertaking to bear the expenses for a search and rescue operation due to accidental activation.

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    Are selling or searching? What are offering or asking? Nice advertisement - but you don't me tian what you want....