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  • Chopard Chronograph Imperiale?

    So am tempted by this watch but can't seem to find very much information/reviews about it as the Imperiale line is quite recent, what do you think about it? I can get it for quite a good price as well (20% less than the retailed 7200$).

    Ladies Chopard Imperiale SS Chronograph Watch
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    Is resale value important to you? It matter if you will sell and change in future.

    At this price point there are many choices.

    Most important thing is that you like the watch.


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      Yes resale value is not the first criteria but still important. I do like the watch, but also like the happy sport one, as well as the Cartier Roadster and other cartier watches. However I would like to invest in something that is distinguishable without being too common and I've never seen this one worn. But also wondering if perhaps it is because it may not be of great value? Know very little of the Chopard brand and the durability of their watches...


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        durability should not be a problem. a non L.U.C. model most likely be using ETA movement.

        since resale not in consideration, got be be what you like. chopard is not that common here.

        do factor in servicing cost as its automatic.


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          I would say can push for more discount for chopard.