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  • Enquiry on chronograph watch


    Recently I have sent a newly bought classic Tissot chronograph watch for repair due to the misalignment of the stop watch hand even after adjusting it. During the 2nd visit for the collection of watch, I noted that the hand is still not in proper alignment and hence have requested the staff to check on it. The staff has mentioned that there is nothing wrong and just need adjustment. The problem is I have tried to adjust in the first place but after awhile of wearing the watch, the stop watch hand became misaligned again. I did try to tap the watch on my hand to prove to the person that obviously stop watch hand is loose. Indeed, the hand is misaligned again. But this time round the staff said that it was me that caused the misalignment as i tapped the watch on my hand

    My question is, is a stop watch hand so easily to be misaligned due to slight tapping it on my hand? It is a Tissot watch whereby the brand is well known for its craftsmanship and yet this is the reason given by their staff. Hence I would like to understand more about chronograph watches and whether what the staff told me is reasonable?

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    By right it should not.


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      A photo of the misalignment will greatly help us evaluate the misalignment, but from what you described, it does not sound right.


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        we often underestimate the whiplash force of chronograph second hand reset on something so small as a watch movement. this can sometimes cause the second counter to overshoot its position. a simple act of removing and reattaching the chronograph second hand central counter just once for whatever reason could reduce the 'friction' needed to keep it in place. i have heard of technicians applying a very small amounts of loctite friction adhesion to keep it in place although i do not know if that is a good practice. usually a new set of hands will solve the problem.
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