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  • Is my SKX007K authentic?

    Just thought I'd get some input from the masters here, since I have a couple of niggling doubts in the back of my head.

    First off, the lume doesn't glow as bright as I imagined, based on the fabled lume of Seiko dive watches. The glow goes completely dim after 30 minutes, in fact.

    Secondly I noticed some differences in the case and bezel, going off Quartimodo's guide. Specifically the knurls on the bezel are uneven heights, while in a lot of pictures they appear to be almost equal height. Also, the edge of the case right around the lugs look pretty sharp to me, while on other 007's, there's a definite curved bevel.

    Here's a picture for reference. The top two shots are mine, the rest are photos I've pulled off the net.

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    Bro, few questions for you

    1. Where did you purchase this watch?
    2. I don't think sKX007 lume is as bright as the rest of the divers