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  • Datejust 1601/8 in full rose gold (c. 50s to early 60s) - what's it worth?

    Hi all.

    My old man has a vintage Datejust 1601/8 in full rose gold (head only, no bracelet). I'm guessing the watch is circa 1950s to early 1960s based on what I've read on the internet about dauphine hands, which the watch has. Standard hour indices and fluted bezel. Pretty much a regular vintage Datejust except that it's in full rose gold.

    We're trying to put a value on this rare piece but haven't found an identical model on the internet after some hard googling. Anybody here have something similar or have any price info? It is in collector's condition and has been regularly serviced by RSC. I'll get some pics up soon.

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    depends on condition for this gold-filled vintage rolex..i'd estimate it at somewhere between 4k-5k sgd in decent usuable condition.