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  • Need advise on Defective Panerai strap quick release.

    Hi, Need some advise from you guys. I bought a PAM last year in Nov or so locally. I was changing the strap last week and the button of the quick strap release came loose or broke off. I can't wear it coz the pin will come off. The spring inside also came out. I've sent it in and its covered under warranty etc. However, they have now indicated that they must send the whole watch back to factory and will take 8 weeks! Firstly, I'm quite disappointed with the quality of such a watch. That aside, does anyone of you know if my case is applicable for Singapore's Lemon Law? ie is it possible to get a refund on the item or should i LL and let the repair take its course? I don't mind if it takes a couple of days or a week. But 8 weeks??

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    Sorry to hear that itchyfingers. I once had the hands of my 3 day old AP Royal Oak Offshore fell out. They didnt need to send it back but took 3 weeks to fix.

    I am guessing that your case is not a common issue and they (the Richemont Service Centre Singapore) may not be equipped to deal with it which explains the need to ship it back to factory. Frankly, i much rather they sent it back then attempt at fixing something they are not equipped to.

    The lemon law is 7days from date of puchase, so it'll probably not apply in your case.

    It happens & life is really too short to get worked up about these sort of things if you ask me.
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      Sorry to hear about that. I was reading up about it and i'm seeing 6 months from the date of purchase. I'm okay with them sending it back, but i think that it is taking far too long. I'll call them up again tomorrow and enquire further and with the AD as well. Not so much worked up but rather just trying to see what my options are or if anyone has such experiences. . If its too much of a hassle, then i won't bother i guess. But thanks anyway.


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        No worries, I'm pretty sure they'll work something out for ya. keep us posted on the outcome in anycase.
        The answer to all your questions are in the forum guidelines

        SWX is a homage free forum


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          Hi itchyfingers,

          I am sorry for you. Yes Richmont is very well known for the long turn around time. Though your case is not very common, it does happened. There were few horror stories about the new quick strap system that fails...

          Worse far as i can tell , from what i have heard and read from certain forum, Richemont can't fix it...and the only way is to change the whole case...yes the whole case!

          And I have also heard from a friend that his friend 233 quick strap system fails and Richemont suggested to change the whole casing which adds up about close to 5K and when asked what's another alternative , Richemont said they can help you "glue" the pins to the casing which means he has to stick with the one and only strap forever! WTF?!

          I hope yours could be resolved with better and proper solutions from Richemont and that they can fix it without the need to change the entire casing...

          And because of this , I have always stick to the "older" strap screw system...

          Keep us posted...


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            Hi there, I just send in my IWc for check before it's warranty ends last month. Richemont informed me that they will take 6 weeks to check and "regulate" the watch and I was to collect it from IWC boutique (and not them). I got it back after a week. I guess it may take less than 8weeks to fix your Pam's. They probably said that to give themselves more buffer.