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  • Cracked Bell & Ross Military Ceramic Case - Ouch!

    Aloha all!

    Tonight as I was rushing out of the house to meet up with some friends for a late Saturday night dinner, my hand hit the door frame. I immediately checked the crystal first - then the bezel - a ritual that many of us have gone through before - and breathed a sigh of relief because everything was okay.

    When I got home a couple of hours later and took off my watch I noticed that I cracked the ceramic case! What's interesting is that there isn't a single scuff or ding on the remainder of the watch.

    I picked this up from the Big T AD in Waikiki so I'll swing by tomorrow and have them send it in for repair. I'll waive the repair estimate because I've worn this watch to six different countries in the past year (including Singapore where I met up with Graham) - it's my favorite travel watch - so I'm definitely going to have it re-cased!

    - Tracy (Honolulu)