Facing off with fear and breaking his own records is what Austrian Christian the 'ICEMAN' Redl is all about and he does it on his own terms too; with as little as possible. Now before your imagination run wild, Christian is not into skinny dipping with his birthday suit in sub-freezing waters, well, at least not entirely. Rather, he is a multiple record holder of free form diving usually in remote oxygen depraved butt freezing hostile puddles of deep waters without any breathing apparatus. One of the few pieces of record breaking critical equipment apart from his thick neoprene suit, fins, mask and nose clip, is an EDOX timepiece. Now, commercial endorsement aside, lets be brutally honest, no professional extreme sports person will endorse something they couldn't count on, especially when their lives are hanging on a thin line and the seconds matter.

EDOX Sharkman II 200 meters chronograph divers watch

Together with EDOX, ICEMAN has now traded the iced water for shark infested waters to come out with SHARKMAN II, a series of four limited edition professional timepiece designed and built for one of those death defying dives that you may never surface from again. In true tradition of the ICEMAN, or rather SHARKMAN now, no cage or mesh suit was anywhere in sight.

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The EDOX SHARKMAN II is a 1000 meters / 3300 feet depth rated dive watch, more then adequate for any type of dive any human is capable of performing without ending in tragedy. On the opposite side of the case from the crown, in an automatic helium escape valve to support saturation dives. The valve would allow helium used in mix gas diving that may have worked it's way into the case to escape during decompression and avoid blowing off the watch crystal. The 45mm steel case is cut out from corrosion resistant 316L steel capable of withstanding crushing liquid force at 1000 meters. The crown and two pushers are screw locked down when not in use so nothing gets in from there (apart from helium which are extremely tiny). A 3mm thick sapphire crystal separates the vast ocean from the dial at the top and a screw down back case, reverse embossed with the silhouette of Christian with the free diving rope and a large shark with the words 'Face Your Fear' says more than a thousand words could.

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The movement, an EDOX caliber 102, is based on Swiss Ronda 5030D, a high grade serviceable quartz chronograph movement with date at 4 o'clock. The 5030D has is extremely energy efficient and has a long single battery run time of up to 54 months, or 4.5 years. That's roughly twice the battery life on a single cell compared to average quartz calibers. It can also be hacked (stopped) by pulling out the crown (not underwater please) to conserve energy when not in use. These features are mostly available on high end Swiss quartz calibers.

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Beyond the back case, Christian the 'ICEMAN' Redl has also left another indelible mark on the SHARKMAN II. As a huge fan of Class 1 Powerboat races, the one o'clock marker has been replaced with a bold and powerful Arabic numeral 1. The SHARKMAN II is all about Christian Redl, all about pushing the human mental and physical boundaries repeatedly, all about facing your fears.

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Limited to 300 pieces each, the SHARKMAN II comes with a choice of curved end leather strap with side stitching or rubber strap with stiff curved end for that finished instrument look, to suit the different needs. Presented in a neoprene lined zip clam-shell case, The SHARKMAN II waiting to take the next plunge with you, box and all for those who can't wait to unwrap it.

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