Besides securing your timepiece in place, a strap compliments the watch to bring out the best of it's design and personality. A strap is also able to define a complex range of moods and emotions when created by a highly skilled artisan which is why in this golden age of watchmaking (now), we are spoilt with a seemingly endless choice of leather straps and artisans.

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Jason & Sherron Handmade came from humble origins. The couple had started trading leather straps in 2004 on paneristi and watchuseek, two of the more popular international cyber hangouts for watch enthusiast during the times. In 2006, driven by a dream, they decided to go down the road less travelled, they decided to make their own straps right here on the red dot.

They were taught by the finest, DIY leather craft books at a public library in West Coast and set up their workshop in the evenings at outdoor study benches and tables at NTU (Nanyang Technological University) campus grounds, where parking and rent were free and the lights sometimes flicker. There, in the spirit of adventure, they pursued this crazy dream to transform raw formless sheets of hide to finely crafted watch straps. The recipe was simple; (The best leather + tools + two pairs of blistered hands x passion)dream = to die for hand crafted straps.

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Many users of handmade straps started off with machine made straps which are made in the thousands and cheaper. Apart from the price, the stitching may appear a tad more consistent, but they lack the durability and above all, the finishing that comes with 'soul'. But there is more to it, the colour and tone are hand applied, sometimes dozens of times, to create that type of look desired by the artisan. It's an art that cannot be replicated by machines or via mass production. A strap completed by a skilled craftsman shows in more ways words can possibly describe. The best skin are selected, treated and finished to showcase the skills and to maximise overall experience, not to cut corners. You do get what you pay for.

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These days, the legions of local watch enthusiast who have developed a penchant for fine reptile and cow leather accessories handcrafted right here on the island have grown. It's a rare privileged of sorts for those with an eye for finishing and at the same time, value the personal bonds with the artisan who will passionately put your strap together. Strangely, Jasson & Sherron Handmade started out as a fine strap maker well known and popular amongst European and American watch enthusiast, but it appears we Singaporeans have exorcised our prejudices and embraced 'Made in Singapore', at least in this case.

Last year, they relocated their showroom right in the trendiest part of town, Scotts Road, and renamed it Jason & Sherron Handmade. There you will find something for an evening dress cocktail timepiece all the way to your nautical theme military watch, available off the shelf as well as bespoked, to meet the needs of their varied followers.

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L-R Jason, Sherron and Joseph

Today, except for Jason trading in his blisters for calluses, they recipe for premium handmade watch straps remain unchanged. Check out their new showroom at #05-106 Far East Plaza and view the incredible spread of ready made watch straps starting from S$200 and a little more for something customised. Everything from type of leather, colour, length, width, cut, thread type and colour can be tailored to your whim and fancy, so I'm almost certain, you won't leave disappointed.


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