German watch maker Sinn is known for many accomplishments but chief amongst those is their dedication to working with professional operatives in their respective fields to develop timing instruments required to perform specific missions.

In 1997, Sinn unveiled the Einsatzzeitmesser category of timepieces. Einsatzzeitmesser which was German for mission timer, simply stood for timing instruments developed for professionals. While these special function instruments were not new to the German watchmaker, who were known for developing timepieces for cosmonauts, firefighters, pilots, as well as aviation cockpit instruments, EZM represented the new symbol of peak performance instruments that they would pursue to develop and built for the rigorous needs of professional operatives.
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The EZM-1 was in cooperation with operatives from what was then the newly established German Central Customs Support Group, ZUZ (Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe Zoll), a special unit assigned to the German Customs Investigation Bureau – pretty much a special police commando unit. These operatives required a timing device for situations that were very fluid and potentially developing rapidly. Dynamic situations that were recorded in seconds and minutes before they reach an apex.

Sinn EZM-1, a left handed chronograph was the result of this collaboration. It was a unique light weight titanium timepiece with four centrally mounted hands. Two of the hands, hours and minutes were for telling the time, and the other two, minutes and seconds were for chronograph recording function. It’s functional simplicity not only equipped professional operatives with a purposely built timer, but it’s somewhat ‘bauhaus design’ or functionalist art was so endearing, ardent devotees took little time to elevate the EZM-1 to a status best described as a cult, the horological kind of course.
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The success of EZM-1 was however, short lived. The same year 1997, SWATCH Group, who was the holding company for Lemania, the company that made the movement used in EZM-1 was going to decommission the movement, Lemania 5100. The tools used to manufacture the movement was past its prime and had to be replaced, but there were insufficient demand for these ‘older’ pillar construction movement to re-tool. Sinn gorged on the remaining stock of movement and kept production of EZM-1 running till sometime in 2005. In 2008, Sinn release the final run of EZM-1, a 250 piece limited edition, the final encore, and the curtains were drawn for the last time.

Right about this time every year, Sinn announces the release of some tasty horo-morsel, and this year prove to be the best treat ever! Sinn marked EZM-1’s 20th anniversary with EZM-1.1, a 500 pieces limited edition tribute to the original mission timer.

The EZM-1.1 has is a chip off the old block, more or less. It now comes garnished with all the proprietary technical features that Sinn has developed over the last one and a half decades which has separated them from wannabe’s, by a good margin too.
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First off, the case which is now 43mm x 16.5mm tall (instead of 40 x 16) is no longer made of good old grade 5 titanium but Sinn’s proprietary in-house surface hardened steel. Called Tegimented steel, This is the bedrock of Sinn’s legendary timing instruments for professionals.It has a surface so hard it is not unheard of for Sinn’s clad with this to be virtually free from wear marks and scratches commonly seen on un-hardened steel after some years. This case is exclusively made by Sächsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH Glashütte or SUG, Sinn’s very own case manufacturer in Glashutte, Germany.

The black dial and its layout, or rather the lack of any, simply proves that less in more. During a surgical strike mission where nothing ever goes according to plan and operatives are making split second mortal decisions in a highly volatile environment, the last thing they would really need to be doing is locating the correct subdial! This is not a watered down garden variety of a timepiece with a testosterone inspired name to time the next sunblock application at Ko Samui, Its the real thing. It has no subdials and just four centrally mounted hands, two for telling time and two to tell it its time to kick someones ass. At least that was the original idea.

The Sinn SZ-01 engine is a modified Valjoux 7750 (seventy seven fifty) exclusive to Sinn. This common but robust automatic chronograph calibre was chosen to replace the Lemania 5100. The SZ-01 has a unique minute chronograph hand recorder feature, it jumps once to the minute on the minute and not sweep there. This function improves clarity of read-out equal to that of a dramatically enlarged chronograph dial.

The chronograph push buttons are one of the weakest link in timepiece with high depth rating. The EZM-1.1 push buttons has been engineered with proprietary Sinn D3 technology. The D3 integrates these in a manner that reduces joint weakness and strengthened crown shaft resistant to flexing. Getting right to the nuts and bolts of the smallest spaces that have a crippling effect when they fail is indeed one of Sinn’s many strengths.

Most watch enthusiast would be perfectly happy with a timepiece with more dials, more hands and a large presentation box, top off with a name that would trigger pant wetting fear when whispered, but for the discerning, it’s the real deal, or no deal. The EZM1.1 will come with vintage style cowhide strap and silicone strap with a full tegimented bracelet available seperately.
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